30jan7:30 pmTiger By The Tail | Premaura | Samuel D | The Kidd360 Club Presents...7:30 pm

31jan7:30 pmMega Happy | Link Lewis | Hannah Slavin | Eva Eik360 Club Presents...7:30 pm


1feb7:30 pmSkeletal Family | Lesbian Bed Death | FTGCarpe Noctum presents...7:30 pm

6feb7:30 pmEmily CapellBrudenell Presents...7:30 pm

7feb7:30 pmFudge. | Sir Curse (single launch ) | The Harriets | Teeff360 Club Presents...7:30 pm

8feb7:30 pmPEANESSLending Room Presents...7:30 pm

11feb7:30 pmOCTOBER DRIFTFuturesound Presents...7:30 pm

13feb7:30 pmThe Dead Freights | The Marble Arches | Paradas | AlloraThis Feeling Presents... 7:30 pm

14feb7:30 pmCPSD | The Last Episode | Neuts | Red Shakes360 Club Presents...7:30 pm

20feb7:30 pmThe Durdy Laundry & FriendsNew Moon Presents...7:30 pm

21feb7:30 pmA Night In November | This Party Sucks | The Red Pills | Toby Garside360 Club Presents...7:30 pm

27feb7:30 pmCherry SuedeCherry Suede presents...7:30 pm

28feb7:30 pmDead Extras - EP Launch | Havanas | Coconut Mall | Uncomely360 Club Presents...7:30 pm

29feb7:00 pmMusic For KitsOne Big Family Presents...7:00 pm


4mar7:30 pmPeach FuzzThis Feeling Presents... 7:30 pm

6mar7:30 pmTiph Miller | Pagan Harvey | Autonym | Lazy Suzan360 Club Presents...7:30 pm

7mar7:30 pmThe Society | The Glass House Museum | West WickhamsCarpe Noctum Presents...7:30 pm

12mar7:30 pmSerotones + moreThis Feeling Presents...7:30 pm

13mar7:30 pmParadas | MMIV | WiiNK | Answer Machine360 Club Presents...7:30 pm

14mar7:30 pmShangralasLending Room Presents...7:30 pm

16mar7:00 pmThe JacquesNeil O'Brien Entertainment Presents...7:00 pm

19mar7:30 pmRyan JarvisLending Room Presents...7:30 pm

20mar8:00 pmCommon Dogs | For You The Moon | Kicks of the East360 Club Presents... 8:00 pm

21mar7:30 pmVictorsFuturesound Presents...7:30 pm

25mar7:30 pmBroken Witt RebelsGig Cartel Presents...7:30 pm

26mar7:30 pmRobert VinccentGig Cartel Presents...7:30 pm

27mar8:00 pmSpearmint Tongues | Silkstone Drift | Pornographic Sunset360 Club Presents... 8:00 pm


4apr7:00 pmAuger | Psydoll | Twist HelixCarpe Noctum presents...7:00 pm

16apr7:30 pmBlack Water County + SupportGig Cartel Presents...7:30 pm

18apr7:30 pmThe Funky Shakedown Opening PartyThe Funky Shakedown presents...7:30 pm

25apr7:00 pmGod is an AstronautBad Apple Promotions Presents...7:00 pm


2may7:30 pmLive at LeedsLive at Leeds presents...7:30 pm

9may7:30 pmCarpe Noctum: AftershowCarpe Noctum presents...7:30 pm


6jun7:00 pmZeitgeist Zero | Caffeine Kill | St LuciferCarpe Noctum Presents...7:00 pm